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Gladesville Primary

Outside School Hours Care Program 

In a safe environment, CommunityOSH challenge the children in our
care, to be 
inspired, compassionate, confident and successful

48 Gladesville Drive

Kilsyth VIC 3137

Contact Number:  0467 324 979

Hours of Operation:  

7.00am-8.45am Before School Care

3.30pm-6.00pm After School Care 

7.00am-6.00pm Curriculum Day  

Program fees prior to the Child Care Subsidy:

Before School Care Fee: $26.00

After School Care Fee: $31.50

Late booking fee of $5.00 may be applied if child not booked in online.

To make a booking you must enrol here first, you will only be required to enrol once. Once your enrolment is completed you can then book the dates you require on the monthly calendar. Please feel free to contact us if you require any assistance completing your enrolment or placing your bookings on 9977 3000.

Please refer to the weekly planner at the program to read what is planned each day.

If you wish to claim the Child Care Subsidy you must update your MyGov account and be registered with the Family Assistance Office. To contact the Family Assistance Office please call 13 61 50

Click here to read more about the Child Care Subsidy.

What to wear:

The children are involved in variety of physical activities so please ensure they are wearing comfortable clothes, covered shoes preferably sports runners and a hat. Please keep an eye on the weather  in case children need a warmer coat or a weather proof jacket.

What do children need to bring:

Children will need to remember to bring their hat and water bottle to Before & After School Care and Holiday Program. As we have a full afternoon or day of activities and options available to choose from, we encourage children not to bring a smart phone or digital devices and cannot ensure their safety at the program.

Children with allergy or medical condition:

If your child/children has a medically diagnosed allergy or medical condition you will be required to complete a Health Management form or provide additional information. Required information or documents will need to be supplied to the OSH Manager at the program.

Click  on the following links to down a copy of the relevant  Health management Plan form to be completed by your medical practitioner along with a recent photo.


Allergic Reactions




Medication Administration


Children with additional needs:

CommunityOSH is passionate about supporting children with additional needs. Please contact us in writing at at least 4 weeks before the program is due to commence and will then contact you directly to discuss what support options we can provide. In some cases, CommunityOSH can apply for Inclusion Support Funding which is provide an additional Educator to support the needs of all the children at the program.

Custody arrangements:

If you family has a custody order in place we will require a copy of the order to ensure the care for your child/children is managed appropriately and in accordance with the order. All information is treated with sensitivity and if you would like to discuss your individual circumstance please feel free to contact us on 99773000 to speak to the Operations Director.


Behaviour Management:

The program rules and expectations will be clearly explained and discussed with all the children but if a child’s behaviour seriously affects the safety and/ or enjoyment of others, parents will be contacted to discuss and if the unhelpful behaviour continues an alternate care arrangement may need to be made.


We like to spend time outside playing outside as much as we can,so please pack a wide brim hat. We will have sunscreen available at the program for re-application as well.

Educator/Child Ratio and Qualifications:

The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out the minimum qualification and educator to child ratio requirements for children’s education and care services.

Educators must be working directly with children to be counted in the educator to child ratios. In a program where the children attending are of school age, the ratio is 1:15 and 1:11 for kinder aged children. CommunityOSH lowers this ratio when on excursion to 1:10 or 1:8 to reduce risk and ensure the safety of the children.  CommunityOSH programs are lead by qualified Educators who hold current working with children checks, Level 2 First Aid, Anaphylaxis, Asthma and CPR certificates. Educators are trained and regularly updated in regards to any changes relating to Policies and Procedures, Child Protection, Behaviour Management and Inclusive Practices.


CommunityOSH programs cater for children of a wide range of ages. Children of different ages and abilities  need different levels of supervision. Young children require close supervision, where for older children it is important to balance the need for close supervision with respect for their age and developing independence. CommunityOSH also consider the following: • organisation of the environment to balance supervision and children’s growing need for privacy and autonomy • the location of children’s toilets and how children will be supervised when visiting and returning from the toilets.

Statements and Payments:

Statements are sent to your email address fortnightly on a Wednesday. Payments are processed 24 hours after statements are sent. Once you receive your statement please check it and if you have any questions please email or phone 9977 3000 for further clarification.


Bookings and Cancellations:

Bookings can be made online up to 5.30pm the night before. If you require a booking on the day please email or call the program directly and leave a voicemail before 2pm to ensure we collect your child from their classroom.


Late Pick Up:

We understand that you can sometimes be delayed in picking up your child/children so please contact the program by phone or text if you are going to be late so that we can keep your child informed so they do not worry.  Please note that there is a late pick up fee of $1 per child per minute as our Educators will continue to supervise the children until collected.

Photography/Video of children:

As part of the program Educators may take photographs or videos of the children for parents to view via the secure Homeroom app. If you do not wish for your child/children to be photographed please advise the program Manager.


Policies and Procedures:

Our Policies and Procedures are updated annually and are available here for you to download.

If a change is required to any of the policies or procedures, families will be  notified 14 days prior to the change taking effect. Your feedback is important to us so prior to the annual review, families will be given opportunity to provide feedback and have input.

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