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Wow! $500 voucher to be issued to parents for Before and After-School Care & Vacation Care NSW.

The NSW Government has released an exciting new initiative (BASC Voucher Program) that gives all families access to a $500 voucher, per child, that will contribute towards the cost of Before School Care, After School Care, and Vacation Care.

The $500 voucher will assist families with children who attend a primary school in NSW who use Before & After School Care services by covering the gap fee component of their session fees.

Starting 28 February 2022, families can claim their voucher via the Services NSW app, or by visiting the BASC voucher page on their website. To be eligible, families need to have their child or children enrolled in a Before and After-School Care service.

The BASC Voucher program will be delivered through Service NSW and will follow a similar premise to the current Dine and Discover Vouchers.

Email your downloaded vouchers along with your child name and school/program they attend to

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for these vouchers?

Families with a child enrolled in a before and after school care service.


Can the BASC Vouchers be used for Vacation Care?

Yes, the vouchers can be used to cover the cost of the parent gap fee for before and after school care and vacation care sessions.


How do families claim the vouchers?

Families can claim the voucher from Service NSW between 28 February and 30 September 2022, and must redeem the voucher at a participating before and after school care service by 31 December 2022.

Claim the voucher from 28 February via the Service NSW app on your smartphone device, or by following the verification steps as outlined on the Service NSW website: link.


How do families redeem these vouchers?

To redeem the voucher, your before and after school care service provider must be approved to participate in the BASC Voucher program with Service NSW and the Department of Education.


When will families be able to redeem the voucher?

Families can apply for the vouchers from 28 February 2022 via the Service NSW app, online or at a local Service NSW Centre. Families will have until 30 September to claim the voucher via Service NSW, and must redeem the voucher with their before and after school care provider by 31 December 2022.


How do Before and After School Care providers scan vouchers?

Vouchers can be scanned with a mobile device or tablet using the MyService NSW Business App. Unique, single use codes will be issued for each voucher and can be entered manually via the MyService NSW Business App.


Is there a non-digital offering? How do families access this?

Families who choose not to apply digitally are able to apply for their voucher at a local Service NSW Centre or Mobile Service Centre. Upon successful application, families will be offered the opportunity to print their vouchers.

What happens when care is shared between separated parents?

Under the Program, only one voucher can be issued for each child. This means that the first parent to apply for the voucher is the parent who will be issued the voucher for that child, and we encourage parents to come to an agreement in relation to how to use the voucher in their circumstances.

Who can I speak to for more information?

If you have any questions, please reach out to the BASC team at or on 1300 244 145.

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