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About Us

CommunityOSH provides exceeding quality  Outside School Hours' Care,
that meets the need of the child and family,
with heart.
We are an owner operated Child Care Provider whose founders have a long term and extensive  experience  in the OSHC and education sector. CommunityOSH is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated by the founders and does not have corporate private equity investment.

Revenue and surplus are reinvested into the business to improve outcomes for the children and families.

We are passionate about offering innovative and engaging care environments for children that challenges them to learn and succeed as well as providing working families with the affordable support they need and peace of mind knowing their children are safe and cared for.

+ Our Mission

To provide individualised Outside School Hours Care that exceeds National Quality Framework Standards and positively contributes to the communities in which we work.


+ Our Vision

To model excellence in Outside School Hours Care and empower the children in our care to be resourceful, compassionate and confident


+ Our Values

Service Excellence - Every one of our programs meets or exceeds the National Quality Framework Standards.

Industry Expertise - Our core team have extensive experience exclusively in Outside School Hours Care and our Program Educators are passionate about the OSHC sector and uphold Professional Standards at all times.

Boutique and Individualised Offering - Our size enables us to remain agile, build genuinely meaningful partnerships and provide individualised care to our schools.

Outcomes Based Care - Our inquiry and play-based approach, supports and challenges the children in our care to be resourceful, resilient and forward-thinking.

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